Did you know these 3 things about student jobs?

New employees earn more than usual

Research by KU Leuven and others exposes a striking trend in the labour market. Despite rising wage costs due to automatic indexation, some companies have been keeping an extra budget in reserve to attract coveted profiles.
Eight out of ten companies foresee room to offer new employees a higher gross salary than before, because of the acute labour shortage. Whether you (as someone who just left or is still in school) will be able to take advantage of this is not always clear, as those who apply for a position in middle or upper management have the greatest chance of getting a higher salary.

Spelling mistakes in your resume = less chance of getting a job interview

Researchers from UGent, KU Leuven and Odisee University College had recruiters assess fictitious recent graduates.
Among other things, these candidates differed in the number of spelling mistakes in their resumes: 0, 2 or 5.
The results?
The probability of a job interview was 65.6% for those with no spelling mistakes, compared to 58.1% for those with two spelling mistakes and 46.6% for those with five spelling mistakes. "Spelling mistakes are easy to make, but in your resume, they can clearly get in the way of a job interview, and therefore access to your dream job," warns doctoral researcher Philippe Sterkens.
Is it a good thing that job students will be allowed to work 600 hours?

The De Croo government has tied the knot: the "student quota" of 475 hours per year will be increased to 600 hours. This means that as a student - perhaps starting this year - you will be allowed to work more and still pay no more than a small solidarity contribution. Good news, right?
Trade union ACV doesn't think so and even calls it a "blunt pay cut for job students." The reasoning is that under the current arrangement, a student does pay a higher social security contribution after their 475 hours, but gets a work bonus and vacation pay in its place, as can make hundreds of euros difference.
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