Academic refurbished laptops

As local, Belgian player Microforce is number 1 in refurbishment, with a large assortment of A-brands and testing possibilities in local shops. No less than 71% of their customers reward them with 5 stars.

Laptops are not just an economical, but also an ecological investment. Extending the lifespan of IT devices is up to 25 times better for the environment that immediate recycling. Refurbished electronics diminish the demand for new parts. This means no exploitation or destruction of habitats for resources. And that's how we work towards #StudentsForABetterWorld.

Watch the video below on how to claim the exclusive ISIC discount when purchasing your refurbished product:

Watch how to claim your exclusive ISIC disount

ISIC advantage:

- € 29 discount on purchase of MacBook
- € 29 discount on purchase of HP/Dell laptop (1 year extra warranty included)
- 20% discount on a € 50 gift voucher
- 25% discount on a € 100 gift voucher

How do I claim this?

Choose your exclusive discount code below and enter it on the webshop of