My student job at autoworld

During this academic year, we're meeting student job seekers across the country. Find out more about their experience and their daily life. For this edition, we met Delphine who did a student job at Autoworld, the car 'museum' in Brussels.

First name: Delphine
Age: 25 years old 
Studies: Bachelor in communication 
Job: Receptionist 
Location: Autoworld 

Why did you do it? 

Delphine: "At the time, the school was organizing a fair for different internships and student jobs. Autoworld was participating in the fair. Their stand quickly caught my attention. The team is young and dynamic. With the help of a tablet with pictures, the company stands out for its prestige, elegance and professionalism. I introduced myself and we exchanged a few words. A week later, Autoworld called me for my first internship." 

Main tasks? 

Delphine: "During this student job, I was assigned different tasks. I was in charge of welcoming the visitors of the museum, the partners and the customers for the renting of the room for events. My job consisted of directing visitors and partners to the right person, selling tickets to visitors, answering the phone and emails as well as solving small 'problems' to best help visitors." 

Qualities developed for this job? 

Delphine: "I learned to do several things at the same time while remaining attentive. Autoworld helped me to be precise and meticulous. I also think the company has helped me to be less shy." 


Delphine: "Autoworld has a really great team. It's a small, close-knit team that is always ready to help each other. Moreover, my student job allowed me to get my first job as soon as I left school. 

I got my first job as soon as I left school. Today, I am employed in the museum as a shop manager." 


Delphine: "The only disadvantage is the car ride. I live outside Brussels and in the morning it takes me an hour to get to the museum. 

Easy to combine with studies? 

Delphine: "Autoworld has always been flexible. I had the choice of when I wanted to work. So I had the choice between July, August or December. Those are the busiest times for the museum. When I had my exams in August, the Autoworld staff was understanding and allowed me to work in July." 

First experience as a jobber? 

Delphine: "I worked in the restaurant business (French fry shop, catering, ...). I also gave swimming lessons to children from 4 to 10 years old. I also did an internship at Ogilvy, a communication agency. Besides that, I do volunteer work as a secretary for a scuba diving club." 

Best memory? 

Delphine: "I had the chance to go on a team building trip with the team. We did a city-trip to Madrid. During this weekend I was elected woman of the year at Autoworld!" 

A student job that leads to a successful career 

The least we can say is that Delphine has worked in every conceivable position at Autoworld. She first came to know Autoworld through an internship in the company's events and communications department. But the story doesn't end there, as Delphine is still working there as a shop manager. "My main tasks are to maintain good contacts with the suppliers, to manage the stocks, to sell the products offered in the store and to restock the products in the shop. Without forgetting to deliver a perpetual analysis of the shop to advance proposals to improve it. 

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