Buy refurbished X? From expensive to durable!

The iPhone X is in a class of its own. With this smartphone, Apple has managed to usher in a whole new era. It has an impressive OLED display, an ultra-fast processor and a glass shell. In short, the iPhone X is full of great innovations. The glass casing makes the silver color stand out even more. And with 64GB of storage, you can store your apps and files on it.

The Apple iPhone X with 64GB storage comes with a price tag, but not if you choose to buy it refurbished! At Forza, this device is up to 60% cheaper than new. Also, refurbished is an environmentally conscious choice. So by buying the refurbished iPhone X you go from expensive to sustainable! You buy the same high quality that you are used to from Apple, because this device has been checked on more than 50 technical points, renovated where necessary and cleaned. 100% functional so. We also have the Refurbished quality mark. This ensures that you are buying a reliable device with a 2-year warranty, including the battery!

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