5 reasons to travel alone

Planning a trip together with your friends or sweetheart sounds great, but experience shows that it never goes according to plan. One person just got a job for the summer, another is going to camp, someone else has 10 more exams... and finally the trip is cancelled. But did you know that exploring the world on your own is not so bad?


1. Freedom at last

You only do what you feel like doing. No one forces you to visit a boring museum. You don't hear sighs when you stop to take a picture. You sleep as long as you want... In short, you have the time of your life.

2. You get to know yourself

By travelling alone, you discover what is really important to you. Who do you miss the most during that month you are travelling through Scandinavia? What do you like or dislike? Which people appeal to you the most? Which places do you prefer to visit? The more often you travel alone, the more self-knowledge you gain.

3. You enlarge your comfort zone

No matter how shy you are, if you don't know which bus goes to the airport, you will have to ask someone. Slowly, you do more and more things you would never dare to do otherwise. Talking to a complete stranger at a café because you're both sitting alone. Decide what your next stop will be. Going out to party by yourself. Still afraid to leave your comfort zone? Start simple, for example by going out to eat alone.

4. You get tons of self-confidence

Travelling alone makes you more mature. You are completely on your own and suddenly you notice that you can do things that you had previously thought impossible. Even better: it all turns out to be child's play. Now and then things may not go as well as they should, but that's okay. You learn to deal better with more difficult situations.

5. You make a lot of new friends

Everyone needs company now and then. But when you're travelling by yourself, you'reH less likely not to talk to strangers. Sometimes it's hard to find your way to your hostel. Just asking your neighbour on the plane where he or she is from can often start a real conversation. People are also more likely to make contact with a 'lonely' traveller than with a noisy group.


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