A cool student room doesn't have to be expensive

Your first place of your own, where you can have your say and discover your own style. You'll soon find out that there are quite a few costs involved, especially with new furniture. Here are some simple tips to help you decorate your student room on a limited budget.


Second hand items

Check out the second-hand stores and websites that offer second hand items. With a little luck you will find beautiful items that definitely deserve a second chance.

Look at what you have and give it a new spin

Be creative and find a way to reuse your current items. Old CDs as coasters, turn an old crate into a fun table, use old magazines as wallpaper... Turn old cutlery into a coat rack. There are more possibilities than you think! Need more inspiration? Take a look at Pinterest.

Sign up for Facebook groups

On Facebook, there are several groups such as: "For sale" or “Looking for”. How active the groups are varies, but keep your eyes open, you can score great bargains, sometimes for absolutely nothing!


Time to get your hands dirty! The internet is full of inspiration and you have your choice of endless "do-it-yourself" videos on YouTube. In recent years, pallets have been incredibly popular among do-it-yourselfers. Pallets are widely used in making a bed or a table on wheels.

Grandma and grandpa are hipper than you thought

Our grandparents grew up in a time where people were more frugal and more likely to reuse stuff for something completely different. So there may well be some hidden treasures in the attic or basement at your grandparents' house. If they don't look after it anymore, they will be glad someone else can use it.

How can you save even more money?

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