7 student-friendly tips for less plastic waste

Take a good look around you. Do you notice anything? You are surrounded by plastic. We come into contact with it every day in all shapes and colours. Sometimes it's flexible, other times it's super strong. If it's good, you use it for a long period of time, but the majority of plastic you only use for a very short time. A plastic bottle, a shopping bag, packaging, ... Do you ever think about what happens to the plastic when you're done with it? We provide 7 simple tips to reduce your personal plastic waste and save some money at the same time.


1. Choose the virtual ISIC instead of the plastic card

In a recent effort to reduce our own plastic production and waste, we made the conscious decision to increase the cost of all ISIC/IYTC/ITIC plastic cards. This means that you can buy a virtual ID for the normal price of € 12, but if you also want a plastic card, you will have to pay € 3 extra.

2. Don't use plastic utensils

Never be tempted by plastic cutlery during your lunch break. Buy one of these reusable sporks from Snow+Rock and take it with you in your work or school bag (ISIC discount: 10% in store) or use normal cutlery that you can wash up daily #OldSchoolRocks.

3. Avoid plastic carrier bags at checkout

Plastic bags are definitely a big no-no. Make use of reusable carrier bags instead.

4. No more coffee to-go

Above all, don't be fooled by paper take-away cups, they usually have a plastic lining that cannot be recycled, not to mention plastic lids. However, if you are a coffee addict, bring your own reusable cup to your local coffee shop.

5. Reusable bottles

Choose reusable glass bottles for your favourite soft drink. Or drink the most delicious water straight from the tap. Are you more into soda? Use a soda stream.

6. Stop drinking from straws

Don’t ask for a straw with your drink. You'd rather not touch the glass with your sensitive lips? Invest in reusable straws and your problem is solved.

7. Use common household items as cleaners

Back to the good old days! Replace your cleaning sprays and agents in plastic bottles with everyday household dirt-dissolving products (and save money). Try lemon juice for the countertop and sink, vinegar as a disinfectant and odour eliminator in the bathroom and for the toilet, and baking soda for scrubbing the stove and oven. You can even sprinkle some on the carpets, then vacuum for a moment to get rid of foul odours. With these non-toxic cleaning products, you're not only saving the planet, but your wallet as well!


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