Why every student needs an ISIC

Did you know that ISIC adds a nice touch to your student life? We give you 10 reasons why every student needs an ISIC.


  1. With ISIC you can identify yourself as a student worldwide.
    ISIC is an internationally recognized student card.
  2. As an ISIC member, you get access to more than 150.000 discounts and benefits worldwide. These discounts are specially selected for students, making your student life even more enjoyable.
  3. You not only get great student discounts in Belgium, but also in more than 130 other countries.
  4. ISIC exists since 1953 and is endorsed by ministries, governments and by UNESCO.
  5. ISIC is a 'non-profit' organization that works exclusively to improve your student life.
  6. There are more than 5 million ISIC students worldwide.
    As an ISIC member, you become part of a large student network.
  7. Many universities and educational institutions worldwide use ISIC as their student card.
  8. We continue to expand the discount offerings throughout the year.
  9. ISIC is for all full-time students.
  10. ISIC membership is valid for a whole year.


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