8 Tips for your Erasmus

Are you going on Erasmus, or are you considering it? Chances are you have already read through a lot of information and you feel a bit lost. Don't worry about that. Going on Erasmus is a unique experience that will enrich your student life. We’d like to give you some free advice to help you on your way.


1. Choose a city that suits you best

There are several factors that influence the choice of city and country for your Erasmus. Important things like the climate, language, culture, accessibility, transportation, cost, ... What a luxury! You can choose from 32 countries:

Bulgaria Cyprus Denmark Germany Estonia Finland France Greece Hungary Ireland Iceland
Italy Croatia Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands North Macedonia Norway Austria
Poland Portugal Romania Serbia Slovakia Spain Czech Republic Turkey Sweden

While it is true that the big capital cities may seem more attractive at first, don't rule out the possibility of developing your Erasmus experience in smaller cities. In fact, chances are you will be able to get your bearings faster and it will be cheaper.

2. Learn the language

Speaking languages is important to be able to communicate with people from other countries. We definitely recommend that you take the effort to learn the language of the country where you plan your Erasmus. The locals will greatly appreciate this and it will work to your advantage. The best way to learn the language is on the spot, but a little prior knowledge is nice. Overcome any fear and embarrassment about speaking the language. You’ve got this!

3. Find information about the university or campus you will be studying

It's true that Erasmus is for enjoying yourself, discovering the world and partying, but don't forget that you're also there to study. So it's not just about finding a country you like, but you also need to know what the universities and campuses have to offer. Check if they teach the career you envision for yourself and what subjects you can validate upon your return.

4. Check all your documentation

Check the validity of your ID to make sure it doesn't expire during your stay abroad. You will also need to apply for a European health card. Check whether you will need any additional documents in the country of destination. Check with your bank that the account and cards you have will work in that country. Make sure you have all the documents in your possession at all times. Scan your useful documents and take them with you on your mobile.

5. Make friends from different countries and cultures

Don't just spend time with people from your own country. It's fine to meet people of the same nationality and spend time with them, but you shouldn't shut yourself off from the rest. The essence of this experience is getting to know other cultures and new people. After all, this is what will enrich you the most.

6. Keep exploring

Go out and explore! Of course you will explore the city and the country to the fullest, but whenever possible, plan to explore the surrounding countries with your new friends.

7. Make the most of it

It's not just a year abroad. It's much more than that. It is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity that you must seize to make the most of it.

8. Eramus+ Assistance Pack

With the Erasmus+ Assistance Pack, you can study abroad without any concerns. Click here for more information.


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