Ecotourism is the new travelling

Are you looking forward to going on vacation, but do you also want to consider the environment and the impact on climate change? Then we have found the perfect solution for you.


More and more people are doing their utmost to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle. They take the car less often and avoid flying. But what about travelling?

Ecotourism is the answer. We would like to give you five tips for an ecologically responsible vacation.

1. Don’t look too far

Stay closer to home and discover the beautiful places in your area. Belgium has many cities with a rich cultural past and natural areas with a varied ecosystem. It is no surprise that we receive numerous tourists from all over the world every year.

2. Taking the train is always a bit of a journey

Fortunately, we can count on a good and extensive public transport system in Belgium. Relax and enjoy your book in your seat, and before you know it you have arrived in an historic city, the beautiful Ardennes or a cosy seaside resort.

3. Stay true to your ecological mindset

Vacations are about relaxing and enjoying. You don't have to do anything! But do keep your good habits. Recycle your waste and don't just throw it away in nature. Don't throw away fruit peels either, as you'll disturb the local ecosystem.

4. Travel at no expense

The ultimate ecotourist will go cycling. Good for your health and for nature. Discover the beautiful cycling routes and unique hostels that our country has to offer. Discover the Flandrien in you and go for that steep climb in the Flemish Ardennes. Or would you rather go for the beautiful orchards in Limburg? With the bike, the journey starts from the moment you hit the saddle.

5. Only take a plane if you have to

Do you prefer to look a little further from home? Then try to avoid planes as much as possible. You do not have to take a plane for a city trip to London, Berlin, ...
Take the train or a tour bus. Did you know that ISIC members get a 10% discount on Flixbus?


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