It's not about the arrival, it's about the journey

You have to admit, many people wonder how they can turn something that might feel as torture to some into a pleasant and tolerable experience.


Here are 10 tips to survive a long flight:


1. Earplugs:

It’s a challenge to be able to fall asleep properly between the noise of the engines, the passengers and the flight crew. On the other hand, a good night’s rest is essential for a pleasant flight (but be careful not to miss the food service on board!)

2. Choose a good seat in the plane:

Are you more window of aisle? A word of advice: choose the window seat, which is more comfortable and will allow you to rest on the side. But if you’re more of an active person, have restless feet and like moving around, you might consider opting for the aisle seat. Do consider your fellow passengers.

3. Stay active during the flight:

It is important to get up occasionally, walk a little and especially drink enough water.

4. Your most comfortable outfit:

Nothing is more annoying than traveling for several hours with tight and uncomfortable clothes. Choose loose, warm clothes. Some airlines don't skimp on air conditioning, so if you don't want to arrive at your destination with a runny nose, dress in layers!

5. Your toothbrush kit:

Yes, listen to your parents, you have to brush your teeth after every meal. Why would you skip it at 10,000 feet? It's not necessarily easy, but it's possible. Remember to pack it in your cabin bag. Perhaps you should consider packing one for the person next to you as well? Having a conversation with someone who has a smelly breath is no fun either.

6. Get a good night's sleep the night before your trip:

Have you always been advised to arrive tired to sleep well on the plane? This is a myth! Nothing is worse than arriving tired. Headache, irritability, jet lag... will be the result. Make sure you get a good night's sleep and eat light before boarding.

7. Take something to distract you:

Sitting for long hours with nothing to do is a deadly bore. Although most long-haul airlines offer plenty of movies, you may not find what you're looking for, so make sure you keep your mind occupied with a good playlist, some good books or your favourite movies loaded in advance!

8. Change your seat after take-off:

Not comfortable? When you are allowed to get up, see if you can find a more comfortable seat and who knows, maybe 3 seats will be free, which will allow you to lie down almost like in a bed! It's best to try your luck at the back of the plane...

9. Socialize:

If you're traveling alone, you can always try to chat with your neighbour, it passes the time and sometimes you find people with whom you share a common interest. Be careful not to turn yourself into an overly talkative neighbour, the flight should remain peaceful for everyone.

10. Stock up on food:

In case you don't like the meals served during the flight, plan some snacks so you don't starve during your trip! In the airport at the Duty Free shops you will certainly find something to make you happy.


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