Erasmus, the experience of a lifetime!

What if you had the best learning experience of your student life by going on an Erasmus trip?


Half of the Belgian students interviewed in our "Study Abroad" dialogue session would like to have an Erasmus experience. If you're still wondering whether or not you're going to embark on an Erasmus adventure, we give you 10 reasons to go for it.

  1. You will make a lot of friends from all over the world.
  2. As an Erasmus student, you will meet more people by partying with locals than by studying your courses.
  3. You will talk to people from another culture with a different mentality.
  4. It's a real plus on your CV.
  5. You have the chance to travel.
  6. It's great for your personal growth.
  7. You will learn a foreign language.
  8. You will take on a new challenge.
  9. You can benefit from a school grant or assistance from your region.
  10. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!

For more information, click on this link to check out the stories of students who have experienced an Erasmus exchange program.

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