Eco-friendly (study) habits

We all realize only too well that we will have to start living differently. Forest fires, pandemics, warm winters... nature is letting us know that things can't go on like this. Of course, we can continue to pass the responsibility to large multinationals and politicians, but truly sustainable living begins with yourself. It’s about time we all take up the battle against climate change and give priority to sustainable living.


Eco-friendly studying

Avoid unnecessary paper waste and study digitally, use e-books if possible. Buy a used book if an e-book is not available. Make your notes and annotations digitally on your laptop or tablet. These are just a few changes only you can make for a better world.

Also, use a green search engine like "Ecosia" or "Tab for cause" instead of Google. Ecosia is a green search engine that uses the ad revenue to plant trees and "Tab for a cause" donates the ad revenue to charities.

Adjust your eating and drinking habits

Drink your tea or coffee from a stone or glass cup that you wash up at the end of the day or at least use an eco-friendly coffee mug that you use several times a day. Did you know that in western countries we throw away almost 100 kg of packaged food per person per year? Make your own lunch and pack it in a reusable container made of glass, metal or BPA-free plastic and bring your drink in a refillable bottle.

Bike or use public transportation

If there's one thing we can all do more often, it's riding a bike instead of driving. There's nothing wrong with that and it's healthy for you too! If it really rains so much that you get soaked after a few seconds, public transport is the most ecological alternative. If you cycle or walk more often, you can also cancel your fitness subscription. With waterproof shoes and a good raincoat, you'll have virtually no reason to take the car from now on.

And then there was... no light

A small habit with a big impact. When you are the last one to leave a room, turn off the light. But it doesn't stop at lights. Your television really doesn't need to be on stand-by. One step towards the television screen to switch it on or off will certainly not burn up all your reserves. Your phone should be charged at some point during the day and not overnight. If an electrical appliance is not in use, it can be unplugged, it will not break down.

Let us hear from you

Getting yourself into sustainable habits is a good thing. Also convince your friends and acquaintances to start living more sustainably. The excuse of "what I personally do has little impact" is no longer relevant, because you’re not doing it alone, we are doing it together!

Immerse yourself in the world of sustainability and encourage your family, friends and acquaintances to do the same.



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