5 Reasons why refurbished phones are the smart choice

You need a new smartphone, but you don't want to spend too much money? Purchasing a refurbished smartphone is a great solution. But what do you really know about refurbished devices? We'll tell you why they are the smart choice.


What is a refurbished phone?

A refurbished phone is a handset that has been returned by its previous owner for the following possible reasons:

  1. Minor or slight factory damage.
  2. Change of mind within the cooling-off period.

The manufacturers will restore these returned devices, do a thorough recheck and then offer them as refurbished.

The 5 most important advantages:

  • Refurbished smartphones are cheaper than brand new devices and therefore budget-friendly.
  • It's eco-friendly to buy something that is recycled.
  • You can often get a good warranty.
  • This is not a typical second-hand phone, as refurbished devices have undergone thorough and professional check-up and repair.
  • Any possible remaining data from the previous ownerwill have been removed, complying with the latest privacy laws.


A, B or C grade

There are three grades in refurbished phones: A, B and C. These grades indicate the condition of the product, with A being as good as mint condition.

Grade A:Sealed as new, with very little to unnoticeable signs of wear.
Grade B: Phones may have some scratches or signs of light usage.
Grade C: Phones with very obvious scratches or signs of damage.

Buying a refurbished smartphone is buying a device that's almost as good as new, for a more interesting price. It's not just better for your wallet, but also for the planet!


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