Five tips for 2022

It's most likely that 2021 has not been the best year of our lives, just like 2020. There is only so much we can do and hopefully 2022 will be better. For the second year in a row our way of life has been forced into a new way of life in which we feel more or less restricted.


How to prepare for 2022?

We do not know what awaits us for 2022, but it is clear that there are many ways to face the new year. At ISIC we want to give you the best advice so that you can get the most out of it, whatever happens.


1. Clean up unfinished business

A fresh start is the best way for a new beginning, so close whatever to do’s you have left this year. Make a list with everything you have pending and try to get out of it little by little. This way you will make way for new projects and goals. If we do not stop focusing on what we leave behind, it will be difficult for us to face future projects giving 100% of ourselves.


2. Organize your world (and your finances)

Life is easier when you're organized. It is very nice to go with the flow, but sometimes our world ends up turning into chaos because we tend to postpone unpleasant, though important things. Something that you should consider is your savings. At the beginning of the year, it seems that it doesn’t matter, there is plenty of time... However, before you know it, December has arrived and you find yourself juggling numbers. Be cautious and look for something tailor-made, so you have everything under control.


3. Take care of your health

If there is something that COVID has taught us, it is that taking care of ourselves is very important. Good habits are essential for our health and also for the state of mind in which we face situations. Choose to exercise and eat a healthy diet, sleep the necessary hours and do not force your body. Be careful about stressing yourself too much about things. It is important to be committed to your obligations, but it is just as essential to know how to disconnect and relax. Don't lie to yourself, show yourself as you are and take your time to reflect.


4. Set goals (even if they are tiny)

You must have challenges, a motivation to get up every morning and want to challenge the world. Of course, you have to be realistic. It is okay to challenge yourself but not to fill yourself with the impossible, which will lead to frustration. Do not focus on what you can’t, but on what you know you can. The desire to achieve something keeps you alert. Focus on what you like. What makes you feel good, gives you positive energy.


5. Smile! (It's free)

It is not about the situations you experience but how you face them. As we have experienced in the past, bad things happen occasionally. You’ll have good times and you’ll have bad times. The context in which we move is what conditions our life, but although it is true that you do not decide what happens, you are responsible for choosing the way in which you face each situation. Take control and start making your way. We are 100% sure that if you smile at the beginning of the day, positive things will come on your path.

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