Do you recognize these 3 horrible smartphone disasters?

Your smartphone is your lifesaver. Just count how many times a day you use it, for so many different purposes. And then imagine something goes horribly wrong, and your smartphone - literally - goes down the drain.


We'll make the hairs on your arms come upright with these 3 horrible smartphone disasters.
Do you recognize them? Poor you!

smartphone goes for a swim in the sink


leave your smartphone on the roof of your car


smartphone takes a coffee shower


Calm down. Don't get a heart attack. If you're lucky, a hairdryer session can save your drenched phone, and a cracked screen can usually be replaced.

Your phone can't be saved after all, and getting a new one is beyond the limits of your budget? Replace your disaster phone with a refurbished one. Refurbished phones are 25x better for the planet and 2x better for your wallet. And they're as good as new!

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Buying a refurbished smartphone,
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