7 reasons why studying abroad is an absolute must

Do you really need 7 reasons to go abroad? Or do you need that extra push? That should work with this article.


1 – Boost your resume

Of course, this shouldn’t be the main reason, but it certainly helps! You will most certainly have the experience of a lifetime and as a bonus it'll look good on your resume. Nowadays it is a standard question for every job application: 'Do you have experience abroad?' So, make sure you can give a good answer to that!


2 – Learning a language by practice and necessity

Can you think of a better way to learn another language? By doing everyday tasks and speaking the language with the natives you’ll master a language in a way you’ll never learn in a classroom. Your friends and family will be amazed about the progress you made after being one year abroad.


3 – Discover yourself

By an experience abroad, study or travel, you will really get to know yourself. It’s not a clich√©. When you have all the responsibility and you must make all the important choices, you really get to know yourself.


4 – Responsibility

You are alone in an unknown country; you really have to figure it out yourself. No mom or dad who can assist you, you'll have to cope by yourself. How proud will you be of yourself if after a few months you have arranged everything on your own? It takes some guts to manage it all on your own.


5 – Friends for life

You probably already have a nice circle of friends in your home country, but it is also nice to make new friends abroad. It's very special how these friendships develop, since you often become very close very quickly.


6 – Cheap trips

You can of course make cheap trips from the place you are studying, but do you know how to make really cheap tips? By visiting your international friends. Suddenly it’s very cheap to go to Barcelona for the weekend. You only have to take care of a plane ticket and you can stay at your friends' place. Together you’ll have a nice weekend in sunny Barcelona.


7 – ISIC discounts

Did you know that ISIC is active in more than 130 countries? So, the chance that you will go to a country full of student discounts is certainly present. How about discounts on transport, restaurants and fun attractions?


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