How do you plan a cheap vacation?

Planning a vacation is a beautiful prospect. But how do you plan the perfect vacation? How do you plan a vacation with benefits? In this article we’ll inform you about the coolest discounts (new and not so new) that ISIC has to offer.

Discounts on accommodation

Whether you want to arrange everything yourself or let a travel agency do it for you, you have the opportunity to save money. 4% Cashback on all your bookings + Save up to 15%

With you can enjoy the world’s largest selection of great places to stay: apartments, vacation homes, 5-star luxury resorts, tree houses and even igloos. Take advantage and book the accommodation you’ve always wanted! With your ISIC you benefit from discounts up to 15% on hotel reservations.

HOTELS.COM (up to 10% discount)

The most photogenic and fun places are waiting for you with just one click! Discover all available hotels and accommodations around the world.

Discounts on trains and buses

If you are one of those who seek tranquillity and comfort, closing your eyes when you leave your city and opening them when you arrive at your destination, using a discount for transport on trains or buses may be your best decision. Here we share the most popular options:


INTERRAIL (up to 25% discount)

With the Interrail Pass you enjoy unlimited travel with most train companies within Europe, with up to 25% off standard adult prices. This is the best solution for backpackers and young travellers who want to embark on a big adventure with a small budget.


FLIXBUS (10% and 15% discount)

Request your discount coupon and redeem it via FlixBus-app. Take advantage and travel on one of the best international bus lines, with more than 400.000 daily connections to more than 2.500 destinations in more than 30 countries. Travel in eco-friendly buses and enjoy you journey!

Car rental and sharing

If you prefer the freedom to move around in a car at your own pace during your holiday, you also have a discount with your ISIC. You can rent a car or van for long distances, for example from one city to another. If you are in a certain place, you could also use CarSharing for short distances of generally no longer than 1 hour. Here are a few options.


EUROPCAR: 15% discount (only in Greece)

Plan your next trip in Greece and reserve your car or van with your ISIC or ITIC. Don’t we all love 15% off?


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