Introducing our interns

ISIC has been known for its membership, good services, interesting benefits and community, but it is so much more than that! It's also a movement. I bet you didn't know that. The #StudentForABetterWorld movement organized by ISIC is a movement to make student life easier, cheaper and more enjoyable while abroad or at home.

We are lucky enough to have 3 enthusiastic interns from different cultural backgrounds join us here at ISIC. The interns are excited and thrilled to work in our office to provide more diverse ideas and perspectives. Working in an international environment is vital in the business development of ISIC in order to create a more globalized student movement that is relevant for all academic citizens.

We asked each of our interns 3 questions to understand more about their favorite things they discovered when working in ISIC, and these were their answer:


Eduarda – Brazil

I am currently an International Business Management student at Artevelde University of Applied sciences. I have been studying in Belgium for 2 years and a half now, and this is my last semester before graduating, which I am very excited for. I lived my whole life in Brazil, moved here to study, and plan on staying for a couple more years to gain experience, so I can work as an expat in other countries. I am very excited about cultures and learning, and the opportunity of doing my internship at ISIC compliments that very well.

1. What are your thoughts on ISIC’s values?

I admire and identify with ISIC’s values a lot. Since coming to Belgium in 2018, I have looked for a company or NGO that focused specifically on international students. I have the impression that the student scene in Belgium focuses mostly on locals, but ISIC breaks that pattern by offering content in English and giving aid to the general student community, including international students. This, combined with the care they have for the environment, is what makes me love ISIC and be grateful I am part of this team. I find great joy in helping other people, and this is what all the products and benefits offered by ISIC aim at doing.

2. How do you relate to the company?

I am part of the company’s demographic, as are the other interns. This is a crucial aspect on most project we work on, since we have a fresh vision on everything that the company works with, and we can relate to the target audience, that makes our work easier but also extremely fun! I feel particularly connected to the company’s objectives because I have gone through some difficulties myself while studying abroad in Belgium, and I think this can be a reality for many people. If only I knew of ISIC when going through these difficulties, I would have an easier time due to the number of benefits, such as their partnership with Flixbus, Qatar Airlines, Universities, clothing stores... They are uncountable and a great help for students who need a little hand with expenses while living abroad.

3. What motivates you the most about your work?

The work environment is very fun to be in, mainly because I became really good friends with the other interns. We all share the same passion about our work, and have a common goal since we all are in similar situations. It feels great to have this, and it is also the essence of what the ISIC community is: getting together with others to work for something better, as the #StudentsForABetterWorld states. I love that we stand for a community that has such great goals and represents a huge variety of people all over the world.


Josh – Korea

I am a Korean with multi-cultural background from growing up in many different countries. I was born in Singapore and raised in Kenya till 8 years old. Had my childhood in Florida, USA then went to Guatemala as a teenager and now I am in Brussels finishing my last year of my Bachelor of Business Management.

1. What skills you possess bring added value to ISIC?

Growing up in many countries gave me an understanding the importance of cross-cultural integration for a more open mind. I was never “home” to people living in each country and learned to live through many racial biases and how societies behaved towards different people even though we only came to help them. I can understand the true meaning of the objectives of ISIC at a personal level for creating a better future of a young community of internationals who are there to help each other, by eliminating unnecessary boundaries that are created in a world full of fear and separation.

2. What did you think of ISIC before working here? And has this opinion changed?

Before working with ISIC, I did not know much about them other than their international community they have around the world. Now that idea has completely changed as I understood their 4 pillars of ISIC.

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Cross-border friendships
  3. Become a local
  4. Taking care of the planet

Throughout my life I have always enjoyed helping others through community service and volunteering work, for each prospective country I was living in; From a wide range of construction projects, to teaching in rural communities’, other occasions in hospitals aiding patients with disabilities. I have already worked with many different types of Organizations in teams for projects aiming for sustainability and preservation of human rights. I right away understood and identified with ISIC as I felt their passion towards really helping international students at the most important phases of their lives. Not only to give them fun but enriching experiences to develop their characters and important values.

3. List your favorite things about ISIC?

One of my favorite things when it comes to ISIC are the benefits that they give me! They have great partnerships with many traveling organizations to help facilitate my travel experience and save me money. Being an ISIC member when I arrived to Belgium, I was able to use my IKEA gift card to buy important furniture I needed right away without being so financially stressed. Saving me money and time for me to focus on other important things.

ISIC not only offers you discounts but connects you with the locals making it a more genuine experience when getting to know new places and cultures. Not only do I know the people I match with are the most helpful guides but are also people who have the same values as me, making it a more enriching environment where I am having a great time while keeping and developing my core values.

Another very important aspect about ISIC is the platform and community they are building for the younger generation who want to really impact the world with positive change. In a world that has so many negative things going on and bad powerful leaders getting away with everything, it is hard to find a community of true change. A community that can represent the values you believe and want to fight for at an international level. ISIC’s pillars in core will be the transformation for a new generation of a youth community fighting for a better future not only for the planet but for the next generation of youth.


Jeanny – Indonesia

As my father was freelance engineer, we had to move a lot. I was born in Indonesia and during my teens we had to move all around Asia. But I spent most of my time in Malaysia. I am currently studying International Business Management in Artevelde University of Applied Sciences. I really enjoy studying at the heart of Europe, it is truly exciting. I am also able to practice my Dutch while residing here. I am planning to study further and obtain a master degree in Business Administration after completing my internship in ISIC.

1. What were your expectations of your internship before starting?

Before I started this internship, I was hoping to learn new things that could be useful in the real world. The team in ISIC Belgium has been so warm and welcoming to me and I thoroughly enjoy my time here. I enjoy my time here more than I have expected. This is a great environment for developing professionally and personally.

2. Which accomplishments are you most proud of until now?

During my time here in ISIC, I was assigned to work out a whole planning for the coming ISIC Buddy project. I have put a lot of my time and energy into it with the guidance of my mentor in ISIC. I have gained so much useful knowledge and helpful feedback.

3. How do you think ISIC helped you develop your professional skills?

Not only did I benefit professionally from this internship but also personally. This internship has given me hands-on experience in the management and business development field. It has also expanded my professional network.

During my employment here, the team was kind enough to offer me a one-year membership for the ISIC card. And I must admit I enjoyed the benefits that the members come with thoroughly. Before working here, I did not know much about refurbished phones or how sustainable they are. With the ISIC membership, I can purchase the latest iPhone in mint condition and for no money at all while making the planet a cleaner and better place.


As you can notice, we are all very excited to be part of this experience, as should you! ISIC is not only our workplace, or our internship company. It is a community we are happy to bring together and help conceptualize. In these current times, we fight to be seen and heard but are often taken as “inexperienced”, and with this it is hard to make change happen. Together we can make the world a better place with the #StudentsForABetterWorld! Join ISIC today to gain international experiences in the most fun and ethical way.

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