Enjoy a valentine overnight in a 5 star hotel in Brussels for €69

Anyone who has always wanted to celebrate Valentine in a five-star hotel, but has no money for it, should definitely read on.

Between February 12 and 21, you can spend a romantic valentine weekend or midweek at a hotel in Brussels for only 69 euro.  The Brussels Hotel Association is launching the 'Knuffelcontact' campaign. For one third of the price, you can book a room in a five-star hotel. Although the hoteliers don't make a profit on it, it will please everyone, says the Brussels Hotel Asssociation. 

Enjoy a valentine dinner at your room

In the 'contact' category, you pay 69 euros for a double bed. For a 'Knuffel' room with 2 smaller beds you pay 96 euros. The teams are delighted to receive customers again. And the people of Brussels and Belgium can rediscover the city. Especially now that they won't be allowed to travel abroad for a while yet.

The event is also completely coronaproof and it's possible to enjoy a meal at the hotel via room service, or takeaway. The hotels work together with local restaurants for this, so that they can also be helped.

More info and bookings can be done via the website or by phone by using the code word "Knuffelcontact"


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