6 ecological trends for your Christmas gifts this year

The Christmas holidays are in sight. Time for family, friends and gratitude. Our ISIC Christmas tree with Secret Santa gifts is ready and we placed some surprising items underneath it. 

This year, we went for eco-friendly gifts and we found some tips for you. 

1. An eco-friendly smartphone, but not expensive 

Smartphones not eco-friendly? Guess again. A refurbished device is up to 25 times better for the environment that immediate recycling. Refurbished electronics diminish the demand for new parts. This means: no exploitation or destruction of habitats for resources. 

Give your lover, friend or family member a "nearly new" device. It works as well as a new one, is a lot cheaper and it helps to diminish your footprint. 

Did you know that with ISIC, on top of extra warranty, you get €29 discount on a refurbished device? Find your advantage in our shop

2. Reusable notebooks made from stone 

Nature doesn't always have it easy. Every minute, 40 soccer fields of trees are cut down to make your magazines, calendars and notebooks. Moyu wants to stop this and created reusable and wipeable notebooks. 


Give a positive vibe for 2021 with and endless notebook by MOYU. Not only will you save a lot of trees, you'll also plant a tree in Kenya. 

Look at Roel Schatorje's story and the assortment on

Did you buy a MOYU? Let us know via the contact form and we'll send you a I<3ISIC sticker to colour your notes. 

3. These  bottles are super trendy, easy to use and completely Belgian.

The first step to a plastic-free life? Switching from plastic water bottles to reusable drinking bottles! And the Limburg drinking bottle brand Kambukka wants to give us a hand in this. 

eco bottle

Each bottle is unique and developed for your comfort and personal preferences. they even have a bye bye 2020 gift box!

4. An eco garden for DIY herbs and flowers

This year, offer some green fingers for Christmas and New Year. Okay, we admit, this gift may not fit underneath your Christmas tree, but it's a beautiful and socio-ecological gift. 

Les Potagers de Thomas isn't just a fun way to start your herb garden, but you also make a boy's dream come true. Every table garden is hand-made by Thomas, a boy with Asperger's syndrome who day after day puts his passion for woodwork into his gardens. Look at his story via lespotagersdethomas


ISIC also helps Thomas to fulfil his passion. Be inspired by the story of Thomas. Contact them for more info and mention your ISIC card number when ordering for €25 discount.

5. From new to refurbished, give an eco-friendly laptop 

We've already talked about it, but we can't get around it. Refurbishment will be THE hype of 2021. You can buy a lot more than a smartphone refurbished. At Microforce, they stock a lot of refurbished laptops looking for a new owner. 

Create a wow-feeling while unpacking your eco-friendly gift with a HP, Dell or Macbook. A refurbished device doesn't have to be expensive at all. You already have laptops from € 399. Check out the full supply on and don't forget to activate your ISIC advantages! 

Here also, ISIC helps you on your way with a lot of discounts and especially extra services in your quest for a new laptop. Visit our webshop and look for the ISIC benefits at Microforce. 

6. Give a city tour and an eco expert as a gift 

Offer your Secret Santa an eco experience with the city guides and experts of MIXUA. For 32 euros per person, you'll get a guide who leads you to the latest addresses, products and changemakers in the city. 

Rather a fan of zero-waste or an eco lifestyle workshop? You can't go wrong with a gift voucher under the Christmas tree. Visit the MIXUA website for the different tours and workshops.  

Touring the city? With the Guido City App you'll get extra discounts in lots of places. As an ISIC member, you can get this app at 50% discount. more info here

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