8 careers to discover the world

Is seeing the world also on your bucket list? As cool as it is, it's expensive, especially if you want to stay away for a long time. A job abroad is a good choice to finance your trip. We give you a list of 9 possible jobs that will allow you to discover a foreign country.


1. Language teacher

This gives you the opportunity to live in a country for a longer period of time and get to know many people. It is of course important that you speak the language you want to teach well. If you want to teach English, for example, you usually need a TEFL, TESOL or CELTA certificate to be able to teach.

2. Foreign Correspondent

As a foreign correspondent, you live abroad and report on international news for newspapers, magazines, websites, TV and/or radio.

3. Au pair

Live as an "au pair" with a family abroad for a fixed period of time and take care of their children. In exchange for your work as a babysitter, you will receive accommodation, food, drinks, pocket money or sometimes even a real salary. Many families do not consider speaking their language a requirement. On the contrary, they often prefer that you speak English to the children so that they learn this language as well.

4. Travel blogger

Share your experiences abroad with beautiful pictures and a nice text or article on your blog or social media. This job does require a (large) financial investment. To be fully up and running you need to set up a website, post regularly - from abroad - and usually have a large number of followers to be able to earn real money. Honestly, this job seems easier than it is and you need to have a certain natural talent, but once you have the attention of the right sponsors, it's a dream job!

5. Tour guide

As a tour guide you have two options to choose from. You can either guide people around a fixed foreign city or you can accompany groups during longer vacations and multiple destinations. Touring is often done on a freelance basis, while as a tour guide you can be offered a permanent job more easily.

6. Employee on a cruise ship

Travel to beautiful (exotic) destinations as an employee on a cruise ship. There are many different jobs available on a cruise ship. For example, you can work as an animator or in one of the restaurants and bars if you are more the hospitality type.

7. Steward(ess)

If you're not a 9-5 person, then this is definitely a good option for you. However, as a steward you will see more of the world on long-haul flights than on shorter ones. On shorter flights, you'll usually fly straight back again, while at further destinations you'll often spend a few days.

8. Pilot

This career is indeed not for everyone, but it is a job that is ideal if you want to see a lot of the world and enjoy a lot of responsibility. As with the flight attendants, long-haul flights require that you to spend more time abroad than shorter flights.


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