Australian people are spontaneous, friendly and a little crazy

The climb

"Here in Australia people are spontaneous, friendly and a little crazy. Probably that attitude has partly crept into me, because one night I decided to climb a mountain around Brisbane with a friend. We had heard somewhere that a great sunrise can be seen from the top of the mountain. The 2.5-hour hike went through the rainforest and we had to make our own way through it. We got into the clouds around 4 AM and the panorama was a real wow experience, worth our blood and sweat and a place I will dream of for a long time to come."

‘Fake beach’

"But my permanent place here is not in the mountains and also very blissful: the 'fake beach', a beach in the middle of the city. The real beaches around Brisbane are dangerous, because there are a lot of jellyfish and sharks swimming, so the city made a fake beach, which I often visit before and after class. Studying abroad is much more than just travelling and going to school. I got to know so many new rituals, people, cultures, religions, languages, places and stories. And in between, I swam with dolphins and turtles. Just blissful!"