I stayed an extra month to go ice climbing and dog sledding

"Both Erasmus students and Swedish students reside on a campus about five kilometres from the city centre and within walking distance of the university. Since everyone was there and in the beginning many communal activities were organized for the Erasmus students, everyone knew a got to know just about everyone. Due to the few lessons, there was also a lot of time to do things together and even to travel. Besides organized trips by the student association to Lapland and Estonia, I also went to Oslo, Stockholm, Bergen and Helsinki for a few days."

Trip to Lapland

"What will stay with me most of all is the trip to Lapland at the beginning of the semester. With a bus full of Erasmus students, we left the campus early in the morning for a drive of nearly 16 hours to the most northerly point of Sweden. Once there, our days were filled with cross-country skiing, ice climbing, snowmobiling and dog sledding. The last evening we barbecued there under the Northern Lights. Highly recommended! Initially the intention was to stay here for only 5 months, but I am having so much fun that I added an extra month!"

Greetings Dylan