From St.petersburg to Helsinki with a sailboat


"Helsinki is a modern city with a rich history. I immediately noticed how strong nature is still present here. The people are very friendly. Once when I asked for directions to the post office to send postcards home, that person just walked with me. He even explained how to get a ticket for the queue. Helsinki is also a good base for small trips to Tallinn (Estonia), for example, where you arrive by ferry after just two hours. Finns are going over there to stock up on alcohol, funny! In Finland, as in Swedish Systembollaget, you can only buy alcohol in a government-run shop (called Alko). In supermarkets you will find beer and cider, up to a certain percentage. And they are very strict: if you look under 30, they always ask for your ID card. You must be at least 18."

St. Petersburg

"The boat to St. Petersburg is certainly worthwhile. You sleep on the boat at night, arrive in the morning and spend a whole day in the beautiful Russian city. At night you sail back to Helsinki. Traveling by train to other Finnish cities such as Turkku and Tampere is also highly recommended. But you can also have a nice stay in Helsinki itself. One of the nicest and most beautiful places I visited was Suomenlinna: an island off the coast of Helsinki. You can still visit the fort, but you can also just walk around and have a picnic. Also popular with Finns."

Greetings Evelien