Campfires, Bohemian Rhapsody and The Northern Lights from Copenhagen

Our Erasmus trip

"We travelled to Lapland with all Erasmus students. In the evening we prepared our dinner there on the campfire in a wigwam, and like any campfire, it didn't take long before we started singing. At one point, someone put on Bohemian Rhapsody. Everyone sang along at first, but after a while nobody knew the lyrics except me and four other Belgians. The rest had apparently had enough of the performance and in the meantime started another song, but we were so in our own world that we went outside to roar the ending."

The Northern Lights

"Suddenly we became completely silent: the Northern Lights! What a legendary moment. Of course I have also experienced unforgettable things in Copenhagen itself. One evening we went for a walk in the dark and suddenly I saw an elk standing next to us. In all my enthusiasm I made a mistake and yelled out loud, "Wow, it's a goose!" instead of 'a moose'. I had to hear this for a long time every time we saw a goose."