Tipsy in the Tuileries Gardens of Paris

"The weather was nice when friends from Leuven came to visit me for a weekend, so we decided to meet on Friday evening in the Tuileries, the park in front of the Louvre, which we wanted to visit later that evening. The wine went in smoothly and we had a good laugh. When we finally entered the Louvre slightly drunk, there was hardly anyone left. As aspiring art scholars, we immediately went in search of the masterpieces, but after barely ten minutes we were completely lost in the labyrinth of the countless museum rooms."

"Suddenly the speakers echoed that the museum was about to close. We started running like crazy through the halls, to still see the Mona Lisa. When we found it, the lights started to go out. After that I visited the museum about ten times, but it is this first visit that will always stay with me!"