Studying in the burning Portuguese sun

"The relaxed southern life, where you take the time to quietly drink an espresso with a delicious pastel de nata in the burning Portuguese sun. Friendly people who do everything to make you feel at home. Delicious fish or meat in Alfama, the oldest part of the city, with Fado musicians passionately singing their love for their city in the background... It is difficult to summarize the past months, but most of all I keep fond memories of the relaxed free Sundays One of my favourite places to visit is 'LX Factory', an old factory building around which artists have created a village with various artsy cafes, restaurants and shops with all kinds of artistic concepts."

Beautiful Art

"You are quickly drawn into an imaginary world in which street art cannot be ignored. Have a coffee in two old school double-decker buses placed on top of each other or enjoy a cocktail on the roof of the factory building with the sun setting over the 'Ponte 25 de Abril' bridge ... Now that my stay is almost over, I can fully understand what the Portuguese mean by their non-translatable word 'saudade': the mixture of feelings of loss, missing, distance and love."