How Glasgow conquered my heart

"When I arrived in Glasgow, I never thought this city would conquer my heart so quickly. The first day I got to know the Scottish nightlife by unwittingly stepping into a hip club in tourist outfit, was the beginning of a wonderful adventure. It is impossible to summarize my experiences, but my first trip to Edinburgh in particular makes me smile."

Hiking experience

"Together with two other Belgian girls we started hiking to Arthur's Seat. I myself had hardly any hiking experience and sighed more than once before we reached the top. Once there, I felt, in addition to being a little proud, very happy: it is totally worth it. Afterwards we ate our sandwich - which we had randomly picked up earlier in the day in the Scottish Parliament after first having passed full security - on the grass while enjoying a beautiful view. We ended the day tasting the Scottish specialty haggis (sheep organs!), which amazingly wasn't all that bad."