Whine farms and bungee jumping in South Africa

Studying in South Africa

"With shame on my cheeks, I admit: when the teachers announced the Erasmus destinations, I had never heard of Stellenbosch. But for some inexplicable reason, it was the destination that attracted me the most. After some research I was immediately sold! South Africa, with its beautiful nature and tropical temperatures… could there be a nicer place to study? What immediately struck me when I arrived was the joviality and hospitality of the Africans. Everywhere they chat with you: at the university, at a restaurant, in the gym..."

Something for everyone

"Stellenbosch is a vibrant student city with always something to do, with a rolling landscape of beautiful mountains and vineyards in the background. The countless wine farms nearby are also a real asset of the region. Uva Mira is head and shoulders above the rest. If the weather is good, you can see Cape Town and even the sea in the distance. Phenomenal! I especially like the "braai". Before you know it, you are having a barbecue with 50 people on your roof terrace, conviviality galore! The highlight of my stay so far was undoubtedly the bungee jump that I did, an unforgettable experience."