Feeling nostalgic about your ski vacation? ISIC offers you a free hour at Ice Mountain!

Want to ski or snowboard? Invite a friend to Ice Mountain and get a free hour of skiing!

In this gigantic multidisciplinary adventure park (skiing, snowboarding, paintballing, skydiving) ISIC and Ice Mountain offer you the opportunity to put your skiing or snowboarding skills into practice.

ISIC offers you the possibility on weekdays, thanks to its Invite a Friend 1+1 action, to get, with the purchase of one hour of skiing or snowboarding, a second free hour! (equipment not included).
If you want to ski or snowboard, Ice Mountain has two slopes with real snow like you would find in the mountains. Thanks to a process in which water is atomized and cooled at lightning speed, the quality of the snow is fantastic. There is always a layer of 40 to 60 centimeters of snow.

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*By taking advantage of this benefit, you guarantee that you are an ISIC, ITIC, STAFF or alumni pass holder

More to come: Winter day pass, gift vouchers,...

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