Amazing stories from faraway places: Israel, Mexico and China

You will have the time of your life on Erasmus or internship abroad. And yet, students abroad like to make time to inform the home front about their adventures. ISIC peeks into the travel blogs of three student adventurers.


Lien Robberechts went to Israel

"Freedom beckons. I could taste them in the strawberries we ate on the first day at the beach. I could smell it in the scent of the lavender that grew at the feet of the Palestinian Wall in Israel in February. I could feel the freedom in the balmy wind that caressed my face as I gazed at the horizon from Tel Aviv's skyscrapers. Not everyone gets the chance to start a new life for six months, to live in a dream."

Kimberly Frans blogs from Mexico

"Upon reaching the top, the view is unbelievably breath-taking. Worth every drop of sweat! So beautiful, in fact, that you forget that you have to go down all those stairs afterwards."

Alexandra Demeulemeester stayed in China

"We had just landed and they were coming at us from everywhere: 'TAXI! TAXI! TAXI!' Fortunately, we had read in advance that these were scammers and that you had to go to the official taxi places. After a 45 minute drive we finally arrived at our lodging. We had rented a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in advance, but the four Chinese who were waiting for us showed us that there were only 2 beds. We did not feel at ease at that moment, but it soon became clear that such things are not surprising. We have been scammed a lot, misunderstood a lot and had a lot of weird looks… Really, people even want to have their picture taken with us, and in the end it all makes a fantastic experience."


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