Travel all around Europe in a single day!

After reading the title to this article, you are probably thinking “this is too good to be true, it must be a scam”. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not a scam. Mini Europe is the place to be!

Mini Europe is an exceptional attraction located in Brussels between Brussels Design Museum and Planetarium of the Royal Observatory. This miniature metropolis allows you to travel all of Europe and enjoy the monuments of each country in less than three hours.

The Spirit of Europe exhibition has a fun and educational feel to it, and we can all be reminded of what Europe does for us with 300 examples of what the European Union does for its citizens, residents and visitors. They align just right with everything we aim for with #StudentsForABetter world. It has been recently renovated in 2019 with the help of the European Parliament, and it is especially great to see how much time and resources they spent in order to educate people in a fun way.

If you would like to test your knowledge after having a great learning experience, play a quiz with 5 more friends, or challenge a single friend to go against you playing Europemotion, where you will have to guess the symbols of the European Union.

The tour is available in French, Dutch, English and German, and the entire park has 350 different miniature versions of monuments that can be found all over Europe. It is a great program to do with friends, family, or your significant other! The pictures come out super fun, because everyone feels like a giant close to a 1/25 scale version of the Tower of Pisa or the Eifel Tower.

Holidays are also super fun there: the attention to detail for the Halloween and Christmas decorations are definitely worth checking out. There are also great events for children, so if you have kids or if you are trying to get a bit extra money by being a babysitter during summer, this is the place for you.

Come to Mini Europe and find out great curiosities about Europe, dating from 3600 B.C. until 1977 A.D., and make sure to check out their catalogues on their website, available in 11 different languages! They are included in the price of the tour, and are very fun to read.

The exhibition also offers a restaurant, but be aware of the COVID-19 rules: there can only be a certain amount of people in the same environment. If you prefer to stay outside, we suggest you pack a picnic, mainly now that the summer weather is showing its face in Belgium.

We hope this experience makes you feel a bit more at ease, while travelling is still a difficult thing to do for now. You can go to Brussels for some hours, and you can check out the Atomium and Mini Europe, together with many other attractions, in one day. No need to break lockdown rules, or run the risk of travelling during the pandemic.

Book your group or individual tickets today through the link and make sure you bring your mask and maintain 1,5m distance from all people. Fun is only good when combined with safety!  Send us pictures of you and your friends through our Instagram @ISICBelgium, and we will give you a shoutout. We wish you a great time at Mini Europe.


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