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ISIC: What & Who?: The international student community ISIC was founded in 1953, originating under the Norwegian, Danish and Dutch student umbrella, with support from major rail and air travel companies (cfr. SATA air tickets and BIGE rail tickets). ISIC is a country-based organisation. In Belgium, ISIC is co-managed by GUIDO and CARTE JEUNES WALLONIE-BRUXELLES.

UNESCO World Heritage: Since 1968, UNESCO has endorsed ISIC. Thanks to this support, ISIC established its status as the best way to make the most of student life.

#StudentsForABetterWorld: ISIC is a lot more than an advantage card. ISIC inspires and connects students over country and cultural borders. In an ever-changing world, ISIC has evolved into serving 5 million (student) members looking for superb cultural, travel and study experiences.

Cross-Border Friendship: International cultural exchange contributes to a better world through cross-border friendship, increases mutual respect and stimulates critical thinking.

Critical Thinking: ISIC provides additional baggage (figuratively and literally) to make students more critical. Cultural, travel and study experiences create mutual respect and stimulate critical thinking. ISIC Belgium puts students in front of the mirror and launches Dr. Jos, a physician who challenges accepted medical knowledge in a humorous way. Dr. Hans Rosling, in his turn, refutes pessimism with hard numbers proving the opposite.

Exclusive Academic Community: Our exclusive academic community has evolved in an ever-changing world, but has always been serving its 5 million (student) members.

Student Privileges: ISIC is a lot more than an advantage card, but no one wants to go without its exclusive student privileges. Thanks to sustained and strong partnerships and cultural anchoring, students meet new people and discover destinations out of their comfort zone. They do this in their own student city, their own country, neighbouring countries, within Europe or during world travel in a different culture. Check, or for a full list of advantages.

Connecting Students:
Welcome to Belgium
Invite a friend, visit Flanders Fields and discover our most beautiful cities by boat, combined with jazz & film festivals (Ostend, Antwerp, Ghent).

Go abroad and become a local.
E.g. visit Zarautz and Bilbao (Spain) and get exclusive student privileges with Guggenheim, Flixbus, Zarautz International Surf Village and

Experience the unexpected in your own country
New for ISIC members: download the GUIDO City Guide App for Belgian student cities (soon also in Paris, Amsterdam, Lille and Luxembourg).



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