Student bloggers abroad

Erasmus or an internship abroad not only looks great on your CV, it's also an unforgettable experience. To reassure the home front, students abroad are blogging. We were also very curious!


Celine De Backer (photo) - Barcelona, Spain

“I had two great roommates in my first three months, but unfortunately they left for California at the end of December. My landlady Antonia told me that three new American girls would be coming after the Christmas break. We were very curious. The first, Lauren Ann, barely spoke Spanish but chattered to my landlady non-stop. She doesn't understand English, so I was brought in to translate. Antonia asked me to explain to Lauren Ann that she had bought a large world map so that all foreign girls could show exactly where they live. In previous years there were already students from California, New York and Texas, and Antonia hopes to be able to visit all those places and the girls if she wins the lottery. Lauren Ann was very enthusiastic and immediately went to the map to indicate New York. She was quite confused because she couldn't find it. She didn't see it herself, but she was looking in China. I had to hold back not to laugh incredibly hard and gently pointed out to her that America was on the other side. Americans and geography, it's not the best combination."


Fien De Baere - Bratislava, Slovakia

“Bratislava is the place to be thanks to its cheap beer. English men to organize bachelor parties for their friends. Because so many men come here for that, there are already organizations that specialize in it. The parties are more hardcore than in Belgium. For example, they can empty an entire arsenal for 73 euros per person and they can enjoy 70° absinth in the bars. A drunken person sometimes does crazy things and that's how I was asked to marry. The setting was incredibly romantic. Bratislava has a beautiful centre with cobbled streets, flanked by 19th-century buildings that look like they came out of a Sissi movie. I had just finished a great day of shopping with my friend Margita when he came to see me. My knight in shining armour was wearing a white sailor suit and had brought some friends along for support. Then he asked the question: will you marry me? It was every woman's dream, only a pity that I had never seen this man in my life, just like his fifteen friends, who were already a little tired. Since it was his last days as a bachelor, I didn't want to disappoint him and replied that I was going to think about it."


Anouk De Ridder - Troy, United States

“The parties here are completely different than in Belgium. We started the evening in a couple of French boys' dorms, but it soon became too crowded and several people warned us that the police were coming. Then to the next location: a 'fraternity house'. The house was huge and only twenty students lived there. We asked what the requirements are to join a 'fraternity'. Nothing apparently, except paying money. A big difference with our student clubs, but they can drink just as well. After partying, meeting people and stealing drinks, someone came up to us to ask if we had heard of the afterparty. Whether you answer yes or no, apparently you're asking for a lift anyway. Indra and I were in the car with two American girls together and we drove to the house of JR, Jacob and Chris. First we sat on the couch and talked a bit, then suddenly all hell broke loose. Everyone else arrived at once, Brian turned on the iPod and everyone started drinking and dancing in a space of maybe 5 m². Then someone knocked on the door. Each minor took their drink, placed it across the room, and stood still. In the end it was a false alarm, but it was funny to see the whole routine.”

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