12 tips for a succesful road trip in Europe!

Covid is still around and flying is unfortunately still complicated, but you still want to get out there? A great idea! Get ready for a real adventure and start your road trip through the beautiful European landscapes.

No matter which country you explore, "Thelma and Louise" keeps coming back, even if you stop in 5-star hotels or drive a BMW.

You will remember your road trip for the rest of your life. It is a unique experience to wake up in the morning and wonder where you will go, what you will visit, where you will stop to sleep and eat, etc.


We assembled your survival kit for the best road trip on 4 wheels!


  • Choose your travel companions well (very important)
  • A good playlist
  • Change your oil
  • Safety triangle, first aid kit, reflective vests
  • Green card validity (duration and coverage in the countries visited)
  • Presence of the original registration certificate
  • A good technical check-up to make sure your car is in top condition
  • Check and correct the tire pressure
  • It is essential to travel with proper insurance
  • Eat and sleep locally (cheaper and you may only do so once in your life!)
  • Plan the main route so you have an overview, but it doesn't have to be set in stone, so don't be afraid to make a detour
  • A good GPS, or road maps if you want to drive old school!

Have a great trip!