Did you know Europe is the best destination for student travel?

For a first journey alone, many students travel to another European country. Europe is a most satisfying traveling destination for students. The distances are relatively short, there’s a wide range of vibrant cities, incredible history and stunning nature... In fact, there’s too much!


Beautiful destinations within short distances

Even when you’ve only got a few days to spare, it’s possible to visit cities like Berlin, London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. The extensive rail network allows you to visit all these beautiful places within a week.


Student cities

Europe has a lot of beautiful, historical university cities and towns. Experience the vivid beauty of Leuven, Maastricht or Nottingham.


Transport on land

All a backpacker really needs is an Interrail pass. Traveling by bus is another good alternative. As an ISIC-member you enjoy discounts at Interrail and FlixBus. The advantage of Europe is that distances are easily covered on land.


Affordable destinations

There are many must-see destinations in Europe. Keep in mind that there are a lot of tourists, especially during the summer season. Prices for flights and accommodations soar during the high season. Clever student travel to less crowded locations and smaller, affordable countries like Portugal, Greece and countries in the Balkan.

Use your ISIC

There are lots of students in Europe, so it’s very likely you'll find opportunities to score student benefits and discounts. When travelling in Europe, you don't leave your ISIC at home!