Traveling in Belgium

For more than a year now, we all have been looking for ways to run away from the harsh reality we’ve been facing, but with the recent rises in COVID-19 cases in Belgium, this fantasy seems more distant than ever.  

Us from the ISIC Belgium team understand your frustrations better than anyone. That is why we put together a collection of hidden gems for you to go see, while still respecting the lockdown rules. Check out the most amazing unexplored spots in Belgium: 


Photo by Alex Vasey on Unsplash 

This adorable little city located by the French border has a lot to offer to tourists and locals. Dinant’s Citadel is breathtaking, and most of its spots can be visited in half a day. A lot has happened in this city, and it shows. The historical sightings feel very special, and there is definitely a lot to learn from it, since this city was actively used during the WWII. 

To go to the city center, you can take the cable car and enjoy the amazing view. But if you are a bit more adventurous, the iconic 408-step Staircase will be waiting for you! Upon arrival, you will clearly see the musical influence in the city, which has a saxophone bridge AND museum. Talking about museums, this city has three amazing ones where we managed to get our students a very friendly discount. If you are interested, try visiting Le Musée Archéologique de Montaigle, Musee Spitfire and Maison du Patrimone Medieval Mosan. Make sure to check their opening hours, and have fun! 

Dinant is certainly worth visiting for those who want a quick 1-day escape to take their heads off of studies for a bit and get right back on track. 


Very unknown to the general public, this special city has a lot to offer in terms of architecture and landscape. From the Huy Fortress, you can see an amazing view of the whole city: including the Portail du Bethléem. The Gothic architecture is breathtaking, and also deserves to be seen up-close. During your walk from the Fortress to the Cathedral, you might also want to pass by the Grand-Place, in the heart of this little city. This great central square is filled with historical monuments and has a very nice atmosphere.  You can also enjoy our discounts in the Maison de la Métallurgie et de l'Industrie de Liège, the Archéoforum de Liege and the Musée de la céramique d'Andenne, making sure to always pay attention to COVID restrictions. 

If architecture is not the thing for you, no worries! Visit the RAVeL Ligne 126 and the Vineyards. These spots are a bit far from the center of the city, but the walk there is as nice as the places themselves, so they are must-sees for hiking lovers. 


Photo by Alex Vasey on Unsplash 

Namur is known for its amazing-looking citadel from the Roman era. The walk there can be hard, but once you get to your destination, the feeling of glory will inundate your soul. Just remember to be attentive to the opening hours, and you will be able to feel like a Roman-era soldier. You can choose your meanings to get there, but we have a special discount on FlixBus for this city in specific, so you might want to watch out for that one. 

For the ones who are not really into walking, we advise visiting the town square and looking around for the hidden treasure in Namur (for the medieval art lovers), while enjoying the great architecture the city has to offer. The Tresor d’Hugo d’Oignies is so beautiful to see in person, it could bring tears to your eyes. You can also enjoy your time there visiting our most beloved museums, with a reduction in the price: try visiting the Musée de la Fraise, the Musée Provincial des Arts Anciens du Namurois, the Centre culturel de Namur and the Musée des Commandos (free entrance on this one). 


This one will be a true enjoyment to the beer lovers!  

Chimay is a very famous Belgian beer, appreciated by all the ones that taste it. But it comes as a surprise to most Belgians when they find out that it is named after a city. They are not only masters in the art of beer making, but also cheese making. If you are a foodie and want to give your tastebuds something to enjoy, this city is definitely for you.  

We bet you can already imagine yourself going to the center, packing a picnic with beer, cheese, and others (not that you will need anything else), and going into La Forêt du Pays de Chimay, where you can sit down and enjoy the weather. This is what relaxing is about. 


Photo by Michael Maga-ao on Unsplash 

You might be getting tired of hearing about how amazing these cities are, but stay with us and read through the end of the article before making your final decision of where to go! 

Durbuy is one of those cities you see in movies and think “nobody lives there, it’s just made to be a scenario”. Known as the smallest city in the world, this wonderful little place has amazing nature all around it. Going there is the breath of fresh air you need. From the Tier Moreau road to the gardens in the Durbuy castle, there is no way you will not fall in love. If you are into extreme sports, this is your place. From kayaking to rappel, climbing, bungee jumping, and clearing obstacles, there is no way you won’t get your thrills here. Since we love bringing you discounts, try out the Adidas running with an exclusive ISIC discount. We also offer you a discount for renting bikes at Bimbimbike in Durbuy, Namur, and Malmedy.  


Photo by Guillaume Henrotte on Unsplash 

This is one for those who love historical sights. The Liaison des Deux châteaux Sedan-Bouillon is one of the most iconic views in the entire country. It goes back to the 9th century and is guarded by the castle nominated the biggest feudal castle in the entirety of Europe. The Église Saints-Pierre-et-Paul is a church from the 19th century, dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul. They also have a tobacco museum (which is as interesting as it sounds), and the Agri-Musée, for those interested in agriculture and farming. 


Photo by Kevin Mueller on Unsplash 

Now for the photography and nature-lovers: This city has one of the most interesting parks in Belgium. You can observe birds of all kinds, plants, and walk around the whole park taking pictures through all the attractions, such as the cabin trail, the panorama tower, and the Zwin plain. You do need to book in advance to go there, so do not waste any more time and go get your tickets on their website! 

De Haan  

 Photo by Matthieu d'Oultremont on Unsplash 

De Haan is for those who want to enjoy a day at the beach. If you find that the weather and odds are in your favor, and you absolutely miss spending a day at the beach, this is the place for you. After spending the whole day surfing, sunbathing and swimming, you can also get to know this cute town. If you are lucky, you will find a tunnel full of graffiti close to the Zeepreventorium, but not before going to have a word with Albert Einstein(‘s statue). Finally, go take some cool pictures at the adorable 100-year-old tram station, and take a look at The Concession to finalize a day of fun activities. Try making even more fun by getting a TRONO inflatable chair! Your ISIC card will also save you some money in that one. 


Photo by Vince Gx on Unsplash 

Finally, let’s end with a city that is known for its good vibe and beautiful landscape. The Reinhardstein Castle is a photo op, of those you do not see every day. It was built by a Luxembourgian Duque in the 14th century, and getting there feels like entering a time machine. If you want more of this green angelical feel, try Le Grand Tour. It is a 60 km walk put together by the touristic department of the region, to show off the breathtaking view that you can have from basically every point of the place. They have also incorporated landmarks, so you get a break from looking into the beautiful nature and start looking at the beautiful architecture. You should also try visiting the Abbey of Stavelot and Musée du Cwarmê, where you can also get in for a lower price as an ISIC member. 

Closing: Oeff, Finally! Now you can try to make your choice. We took all tastes and preferences into consideration, and we hope you like these little cities as much as we do! Let us know if you took our advice and send us a picture of you in any of these places in our Instagram @ISICBelgium.