Let's broaden our horizons! Go study abroad and choose the perfect Erasmus destination. Spoiled for choice? ISIC will help you out, with our Erasmus top-5.

1. Coimbra, Portugal

Coimbra hosts one of the oldest universities in Europe and is located right in between Porto and Lisbon. Ideal for many day or weekend trips to visit some UNESCO heritages. The city center has many clubs and bars around the old cathedral where you can meet the friendly and relaxed Portuguese locals. But don’t be afraid to party on the streets and alleys with some locals. Because it’s on the streets where you can find cheap food and drinks. 


2. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a city full of opposites, everywhere you go you discover combinations of modern and classic buildings, clubs, and squares. Although Germans are known for bureaucracy and strictness, berlin is a very artistic city with a huge underground scene. A party scene with a lot of eccentric concepts.

Be ready to experience loads of history and WWII monuments and top museums around the city. Perfect to combine with the plentiful lush parks and open spaces during a Sunday afternoon during spring.

3. Marseille, France

Cheese and wine, do we need to say more. Not a  fan of cheese? They also got baguettes, omelets and croissants. France is a happy place for people who enjoy a good meal with a nice glass of wine. 

Above the great wine and dine culture, Marseille is only a 6-hour train ride from Brussels. Perfect for inviting your friends or love to the city. After all, no country is more romantic than France, so you might even find your Erasmus love. Into the romantic mood? Rent a car at the station and visit the spectacular castles and the world's largest vineyards around the city.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is an exciting and unique European city, with a very special atmosphere. People are always open to meet new people. Dining with the locals feels like visiting your grandparent's house. Tables full of food and no chance to leave before you can be rolled out.

An Erasmus in the Chech Republic equals wild parties with cheap beer and food. Visiting a lot of bookstores and small shops to browse all the local curiosities

ISIC TIP: Get there several weeks before your Erasmus trip and discover local cuisine, language and - especially - beautiful nature.

5. Barcelona, Spain

Who talks about Spain, says tapas and sangria. enjoy the beautiful weather in Barcelona and take a seat on one of the many terraces full of local people. Not a fan of the afternoon drinks? Go party with your new cross border friends at the many clubs, bars and nightlife you find everywhere you walk.

Learn Spanish, make lots of new friends and enjoy the Spanish culture while spending little or no money. Yes, living and commuting in Spain is affordable and lots of museums are free. And of course: Eat tapas! Loads of tapas! Oh, come on, who doesn't love tapas? And sangria!

📷 Photo by Antonio Sessa
📷Photo by Hiki Liu