TRENDING DESTINATIONS - Surfing with a Basque

The North of Spain and more specifically the Atlantic coast is a trending destination for students who want to have an active vacation. At the Board X international surf village you can become a real Basque. If you are an ISIC member, you can get a € 25 discount on your stay at the surf village.



If you are in Zarautz, it is more than worth taking a short trip to Bilbao.  It is an industrial city an hour from Zarautz and is the capital of the baque country. Visit not only for the many cozy coffee and tapas bars but especially for a visit to Frank Ghery's famous Guggenheim. 

Did you know that as an ISIC member:
- € 7 discount at the Guggenheim Museum
- You have a 50% discount at other museums and cathedrals (e.g. Museo Vasco de Bilbao, Museo Arquélogico de Bilbao, Museo Bellas Artes de Bilbao (free), Catedral de Santiago ...).

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